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Monday, March 14, 2011

Reza & Maziana's Special Order

16th March 2011 
Special homemade chocolate for Maziana ~Shah Alam~
35pcs per box -RM 40
Lovely gift for wedding ceremony

14th March 2011
 My regular customer's order ~Reza~Batu Caves
60 pcs of mixed cheese tart (Blueberry & Strawberry)
Family's Gift

Lovely Mickey Mouse for my daughters..Tina & Syura
Free of Charge

NEW..NEW..NEW Info to my Dearest Customer 
Homemade Chocolate price:

~Soft Box~
15 pcs = RM20
24 pcs = RM28
35 pcs = RM40
~Hard Box~
15 pcs = RM20 + RM5
24 pcs = RM28 + RM5
35 pcs = RM40 + RM5

*Design and color upon request

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