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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aktif seperti biasa

Salam All,

Skrg jarang sangat update blog kerana kekangan waktu dan sibuk dengan kerja opis..Sebarang tempahan leh hubungi 019-3958144 / 019-3858565 atau FB : intan azmira mohd azman...TQ

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Product - Homemade Chocolate

 Lolichoc RM1.50-2.00 bergantung pada pemilihan warna dan saiz

 Oreo Chocolate RM1.50 Chocolate sahaja RM2.00 with edible image RM2.50 personal edible image

Praline Chocolate RM0.90-RM1.50 bergantung pada saiz with assorted filling without packaging

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diamond Bakery Official Business Card

Present to you my official business card!!
To whom planning to do a special occasion and need my cheese tart ,please feel free to contact me.



Have a Nice Day!!

Lovely Customer

Wow!! Until today my Mr Oven still keep working..Great!!
Others who have not yet to try my cheese tart , lets call/sms me for the next order
Don't miss the taste..

This week my bakery introduce NEW FLAVOUR for cheese tart (upon request) ..
KIWI Cheese Tart
Thanks to Maz and Mazlyna for the new idea.. :D

You also may choose your own flavour
You can get it here..
Save your time & money!!

Order from my BIL 's wife ~Fieza SME Bank~
30 pcs

Order from Kak CT

Special order from Imigresen Malaysia

Order from my Officemate

This is special order from Maz
For Wedding Ceremony

Nice order from Mazlyna
30 pcs

Weekend Project

This weekend still with the big project as usual..My oven do an overtime for this month..Thanks Mr Oven ,really appreciate your work ,maybe he need a new partner to help the production..Hehehe..Now 500 tart crust is ready to spinning with the cheese ,strawberry,blueberry and chocolate.I love Baking !

How i arrange my time?It will be solve because of our interest and love..Time will follow me when i m doin the thing that i love most..Just for my beloved Customer..


My Beloved Customer

Hi everyone..
I want to share my bakery outcome for last week..fuihhhhh i m so busy right now..but i'm happy coz my customer love the taste and most of them repeat the order.
Thanks to all My beloved Customer..Nice to deal the business with all of you..
Here some of Cheese Tart Pic in my Photo Bakery..

Glad to have the Best Customer!

Kakak Wawa - 30pcs

Widat KIM Members - 60pcs

Unisel - 150pcs ;D

Aqilah KIM Member -60 pcs

Hubby Colleague and Imigresen -60pcs

Reza Wira Damai -30pcs

Thanks from Diamond Bakery's Chef!
Enjoy it!