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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Beloved Customer

Hi everyone..
I want to share my bakery outcome for last week..fuihhhhh i m so busy right now..but i'm happy coz my customer love the taste and most of them repeat the order.
Thanks to all My beloved Customer..Nice to deal the business with all of you..
Here some of Cheese Tart Pic in my Photo Bakery..

Glad to have the Best Customer!

Kakak Wawa - 30pcs

Widat KIM Members - 60pcs

Unisel - 150pcs ;D

Aqilah KIM Member -60 pcs

Hubby Colleague and Imigresen -60pcs

Reza Wira Damai -30pcs

Thanks from Diamond Bakery's Chef!
Enjoy it!

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