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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovely Customer

Wow!! Until today my Mr Oven still keep working..Great!!
Others who have not yet to try my cheese tart , lets call/sms me for the next order
Don't miss the taste..

This week my bakery introduce NEW FLAVOUR for cheese tart (upon request) ..
KIWI Cheese Tart
Thanks to Maz and Mazlyna for the new idea.. :D

You also may choose your own flavour
You can get it here..
Save your time & money!!

Order from my BIL 's wife ~Fieza SME Bank~
30 pcs

Order from Kak CT

Special order from Imigresen Malaysia

Order from my Officemate

This is special order from Maz
For Wedding Ceremony

Nice order from Mazlyna
30 pcs